Sunday, May 12, 2013

I care & garden pics

I wanted to say that I am so very touched by Misc. Mom's Mother's Day  post. She did a few shout outs to some of her fellow mommy bloggers and I made the cut.  WOOT!  I never make the cut!  I always feel like I am forgotten which is why (as you will see by her words about me) that I go seeking the missing. I know when I go into radio silence it is typically for the worse so if I notice I make sure to try and touch bases with people.  I've gone in after a few of you over the years. Usually all is well but I know what it is like to flounder around and feel like no one in blog land gives a crap, then that one person shines the light on you and you feel missed.  Like maybe someone does actually care about your little slice of the interweb.

If your ever feeling that way please know that I care. I spend way, way to much time on this little glowing box and I can just about guarantee I have hit your blog and continue to do so. I get a fair amount of hits but not to many comments. I figure others are doing the same as me, reading but being to lazy to comment. :)

Once again Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow bloggers! No matter if you have human or fur children your still a mommy.

Now to the garden pictures.

Why is there a knife holding up the maters you ask?

Because I am Klassy like that.  LOL

 Nah it is a old dull knife that I used to cut open the soil bags. It was plunged in the ground near the garden. (Fenced backyard and kids are never out unsupervised) The tomato plant is so heavy with fruit that it was laying on the soil. I knew I needed to prop it up with something and the knife was handy.  Instant tomato stake! Haha


  1. Nice looking garden. Klassy steak and all:) I was truly honored to be featured on Kristen's blog with you! Just so you know, I always read, even if I don't comment:) Hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day!!!!!

  2. Its looking good! Happy Moms Day!


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