Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Dance

The happy dance is because I went down a whole pound even with the crappy eating. Of course it does make me wonder if I could have gone down more had I not had the crappy eating. :(

 I am now sitting at 222 so 26.4 pounds down.   ::fist pump::

I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off today with all the weird running around I did. I was on facebook and a post by one of the coupon websites I follow popped up about a Nook Simple e-reader for $19.97.

I got on the phone with the Radio Shack in the city I work in and they had already sold the last one. I called the one in the mall and they had one left. I asked them to hold it at the employee said OK but then his manager next to him was saying they really couldn't since they had been getting so many phone calls. He offered to let me speak to the manager and when I got on I told him I would be there in 20 minutes. He said  he would hold it. I flew out of the house with hubby and B who had just gotten home from VPK. I got there and as he said they had one left. I gleefully purchased the e-reader and found out they were being discontinued hence the price.

The rep asked about our cells as he saw hubby looking at cell phones. I told him we have Verizon and are up for new phones so he went into sales mode. We listened then had to leave to go get A from the bus stop due to time so we took advantage of that to come home and research the phones they have. Then back to the mall we went to try and see a live phone so I could make sure I wanted the one I had in mind. I dislike when stores only have a dummy phone. Three stores and not one had a live phone out for me to look at. Oh well, I bit the bullet and just went with it.  We both had Droid 3's that we got like the day they came out 2 years ago.  Now I have a Galaxy Stratosphere (I love slide out keyboards) and hubby has the Galaxy SIII.

I would say my Mother's Day gifts are now complete with a new phone and e-reader. :) We have a Asus Transformer but the glass is cracked and we were quoted $160 to get it fixed so we are not in a rush.

I have done nothing at all to prep for the boy's party next Saturday.  Whoops.  LOL  I do need to take hubby's car to work on Sunday to bring home a large box. We are going to paint it to be a phone booth for the super hero themed party. Hubby wants us to paint it blue so it can be a tardis.  He is obsessed with that show I tell ya.

Off to bed!

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  1. HOORAY for new toys and AWESOME progress!!!

    (And I'm only a LITTLE sorry about the Doctor Who obsession .... or not.)


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