Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I have let the evil siren call of sugar seduce me the last few weeks. 

I managed to gather my wits and start fighting back today. 

Than evil snot was whispering in my ear every time I walked past any of her counterparts in the store. I fought with her and won. Today.

Tomorrow it will be another uphill battle until I get all of this drug out of my system. 

I kept blaming my gain this week on monthly things but I know better. I know it is really all of the Easter candy that jumped into my mouth.

Figured I would update you all as to my recent absence.

 I have also been staying up way to late reading massive numbers of free kindle books. I love to read and do so at a pretty decent clip. The problem is that once a book interests me I do not put it down until I am done. Even if it is 4:30am like this morning. :X

Here are my two little demons. Arn't they cute?  

The little one was a HUGE turd about getting out of bed this morning. He slept on the top bunk and when told it was time to get up he threw a fit. Then proceeded to move into the far corner of the bed which is in a corner. @@  Early bed time for him tonight. Sheesh!  Me as well since I was up so late last night. 


  1. Sorry to hear you're having a tough time shaking the sweets :( Hang in there and take it one battle at a time.

    Those kiddos are so cute! I'm sure they're angels 99.9% of the time :)

    I used to be a big bookworm and would fall asleep on books and wake up with crinkled pages stuck to my face LOL These days, I figure the book will still be there in the morning, so I've learned to pace myself and stick to reading in the living room. The bedroom is only for sleeping, mostly ;)

  2. We've got this! I'm almost positive about that! ;)

  3. SUGAR is evil! Try to remember every time you want to pick a piece up in your hand.

    and your kids are adorable!

  4. "I have let the evil siren call of sugar seduce me the last few weeks."

    EEK....... EEK......Alert.....Alert......Fight it .....Fight it.

    Hey kids can be so annoyingly great, give them a big hug.

    All the best Jan


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