Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5k recap and beach trip

Holy huge looking boobs! That is with a sports bra.

Fresh and ready to go in the picture above.

Myself and one other gal (she is in the above picture I see) were in the back. We were keeping pace with each other till about the last mile when she started hanging back more. I thought she was going to stay with me the whole time and I envisioned being able to turn around and urge her to catch up to me so we could finish together but she ended up being a few minutes behind me so that idea went poof. I was finisher 112 out of 113.

The course went long which really annoyed the poop out of me when I had gone 3.11 miles which as you know is the 5k amount. I hit lap at the 3.11 mark so I had an accurate time since my race time would be for longer. I used hubby's garmin to keep track of my pace and the distance traveled so I was able to do the above using it. It really did help because when I found myself going a teeny bit slower I was able to try and increase my pace. I felt a lot better once I finished as you can tell from the pictures below comparing 2013 5k end picture with this 2014 one. The weight difference between the two is only about 20 lbs. What a difference in the jaw line!  Plus I look like I am about to keel over in the 2013 picture. 

My official time is 64.13 on a course of 3.3 miles. My garmin time for 3.11 was 60 min on the dot. My time last year was 69.23. No matter what time I take I beat my  last year which was my only goal. That is why I said I didn't care if I came in last. I just wanted to beat my time last year. :)

I wanted to go to the beach afterwards but that idea got tossed after I saw the radar. I discovered I had battle wounds when I got home. Blisters on both feet on the side of my big toes and heel rub spots also. I felt the pressure on side of toes but never dreamed they were blisters. I was sore for two days afterwards and I still have the blisters today. (Tuesday)
Sides of big toes
We hit Daytona Beach on Sunday instead. My sore ass was dragging but we promised the kids and I wanted to go. We haven't gone in over a year (feeling fat does not go well with the beach) 

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure of my adorable kiddos

We were planning on taking this home. Problem 

Live snail

Daytona Beach boardwalk


  1. You rock! I'm amazed to be running three minutes before a walk break right now. 5K seems impossible. Way to go!

  2. EKKKK! I didn't run 5k. LOL I ran maybe .6 a mile total over the whole thing. Lots of walking going on.

  3. Good for you! That's progress from your last year's result and pics:) Are you planning to enter again next year?
    Looks like you all had a great time at the beach and you got a bit of relief for your poor blisters.

  4. Fantastic

    You are doing so well and those pictures of the kiddo's ....just great

    Thanks for sharing

    All the best Jan

  5. Youch to the blisters! Love your beach photos.


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