Friday, March 28, 2014

1, 2, 3 JUMP!

Apparently I have a death wish as I jump first and do not look for a net. I will be run/walking in my 2nd ever 5k tomorrow. Less than 200 people registered so I am expecting another last place but that is fine by me.

What are you doing tomorrow?


  1. Well I ran today bit intervals and not 5K! Lol Wishing you well, and I'm sure you won't be last!

  2. Last place is still ahead of everyone sitting in a diner eating pancakes.

    Go run your best.

  3. Good luck and have fun!! I'll be cleaning house, shopping, doing schoolwork and fitting in a workout!!

  4. AWESOME! That's diving in big time :) I'm sure you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment when it's over, last place or not!

    I've done my morning long walk and spent an hour shoveling some heavy snow. After my shower, off to the grocery, then tonight out to a bar to hear a band play. Hopefully I wont have to shovel again tomorrow! It's a never-ending winter here.

  5. Oh wow! What an adventure! Good luck and remember to enjoy yourself regardless of pace (or place).

    P.S. I only plan on walking 5K events this year. I'm sooo not ready to be a runner! :)

  6. Good luck and do your best.

    All the best Jan


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