Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meh's go bye bye

As the title says "meh" go bye bye.  One huge *dark* cloud that has been hanging over my head for a good year+ is now gone. The sun is shining through loud and clear. Adds another expense to the monthly bills but at least it is finally settled. No more stress from it that makes me stick my head into the sand to ignore it.

It helped to know that I was going to go on an adventure after my 1 pm time today. After I left the building I went to my brother's house. He recently bought a Trek recumbent bike and wanted me to get a bike too. I had no interest in a bike that cost that much (Holy poop!) but I was curious of the cheaper ones. He wanted to buy me a bike so that he had someone to go riding with. We headed up to Gainesville to see what they had.

 I already had an idea of what I wanted just from looking online the night before. It worked out well that the salesman recommended 2 possible bikes and one was the one I had in mind. BONUS: It was the last one and was on clearance. If you have been reading here for any length of time you know I LOVE clearance. LOL My 5 yr old is trained to look for the word sale or the red tags at Target. People hear him exclaim about something being on clearance and they start giggling due to his exuberance.  :)

I tested out 3 bikes and two recumbent styles. The recumbent ones are very nice. However something like that would not be practical for me at this stage of my life. Maybe if we had a truck or something but transporting that anywhere would be difficult. I ended up with the clearance one with an added kick stand and bottle cage.

Meet a factory picture of my new ride. I want to name her but that will take time. 

After I got home I tried to take it on a spin around the block. It was dark and I was using a headlamp. Umm yeah pot hole caused headlamp to tilt down and make me blind so I turned around real quick. No night time riding for this girl at this point. As soon as I slid my butt on the seat though I could feel that I was already getting saddle sore. EEPP! I maybe rode a mile with all the rest riding so this shall be interesting. 

Off to bed as this was my only full day off this week. My next day off isn't until Saturday.  Eating took a little nose dive last night due to the 1 pm thing today. No sweets, but there may have been some bread involved...  Combined with WI this morning it didn't make a pretty picture but it is what it is. 


  1. I love your bike! Is that the color of it too?? You will get lots of use out of that :) No more Meh! I've declared the same thing!

  2. I love your new bike, I'm so jealous! I have wanted one for awhile ... can't wait to see what you name her. :)

  3. I had to google what a recumbent bike was -- thanks for making me learn something today! I have seen them before but just called them "weird bike" in my head. LOL!

    Your new bike looks great! My husband and I keep talking about getting some nice bikes for us; maybe that is what we can do with our tax refund this year. :-) Enjoy your bike!

  4. Glad the dark cloud has passed :)
    Ohhh! Very cute bike. I still have 7 feet of snow on my front lawn so maybe by June or July, I'll get to have a chance to ride my bike too!

  5. Definitely think you should name your bike!

    Have fun riding and well done

    All the best Jan

  6. Jealous!!! About the ONLY thing I miss about living in Florida is the fairly flat biking... and (at least when I was there) no helmet law. Tis okay, though. I get more reading done and tv watched being able to ride in my living room ;)


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