Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Now that I have completed the great colon cleanse of 2014 from this tummy bug I seem to owe it thanks?  I am down 4.4 lbs and I guarantee that I wouldn't be that far down if not for this bug. Of course I know as soon as I start eating more than scrambled eggs that it will tick up a bit more.

Tonight's dinner

Cooked ground chicken with Worcestershire, A-1, soy sauce and lots of onions sauteed till onions soft. For hubby over rice and for me over lettuce and guacamole. YUMMY! My tummy is talking to me but so far so good.

I need to mention things that I need to do more often. I completely overhauled and cleaned the turtle tank as I said I would. Looks like itty guy needs to be on a diet. He is a little fatty and cannot pull all the way back into his shell. Whoops! No more daily feeding no matter how much they beg.  

Two loads of laundry and a short bike ride around the block completed my day. Oh and I slept in bunches as well. :)  


  1. OMG! That dinner looks delish! I'd take your version (minus the avocado) rather than with rice anytime! I find lettuce so refreshing, especially with mince. :)
    Good to know you seem to be feeling better too!

  2. I just love avocado ..........

    'Two loads of laundry and a short bike ride' ......glad that you're feeling a bit better.

    All the best Jan


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