Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inner monologue

Still sick. Woke up with a sore throat and popped two advil and promptly went back to sleep.  I actually went to bed early last night. At midnight instead of the 2am that I have been doing just because I can.

Relaxing day at home till about 5pm when we went off to spend money at Target. The boys have needed new shoes for a few weeks now and they are on sale this week. Buy 1 get 1 50% off and there is a $5 off $30 mobile coupon as well. We split the order up into two transactions so we could use my phone and hubby's phone. We spent a pretty penny as each child got 3 pairs and mommy and daddy each got one. I have been wanting shoes to use for the bike. Something without laces that I could slip off and on easily. I was thinking about some of those Tom's style canvas shoes but basically ended up with a ked type shoe that has eyelet holes but no laces as the tongue is a stretch spandex. They actually felt really cozy in the store and when I put them on at home to show hubby. I woke my Hoka's to the store and they were like walking on clouds.

When we were driving home I had an idea hit me out of the blue. I also hatched a plan for myself to do when I got home. The idea actually came to me when I was thinking about how the various shoes felt. The Tom's style ones just felt to short in the top over the toes. I envisioned something with a longer top for my bike riding. Anyway I was thinking about the top of my feet and how that would be a a perfect place for a tattoo. But what would I want on my body that I would see daily and *zing* the idea hit me. A tiger lily.
Something like this but much, much smaller.

My girlfriend I mentioned a few week ago that passed on with young ones had many tattoos. Hers were beautiful and looked more like air brushing on her skin rather than tattoos. One of hers was tiger lillies as she loved them. I was thinking about how I could see it everyday and remember her but I could still cover it up if I wanted to. Then I went into the Hmmm when would I do this because I want to be able to run also   Ummm???!!!  Yeah, about that.  Yesterday when I was trying on the Hoka's I was walking and jogging around the store. The store has a small track in it painted on the floor around the register. At one point I ran around it full speed like a little kid and I felt zero fatigue. Right then I knew I wanted to try and run in these shoes and see how they were. I remembered that in my internal monologue to myself when I was thinking about the tattoo.

As soon as we got home and went inside and changed into my running tights and a running shirt. I grabbed my garmin and walked out to the living room and grabbed hubby's night running vest. He asked if I was going for a bike ride and I said no. He then asked if I was going for a walk and I said no. "A run" he questioned and I said yes. He helped me out by grabbing me a hat and showing me how he positions a headlamp for running in the dark. We went outside and he tried to show me how to use my garmin but it wasn't responding so he grabbed his for me. After it got loaded I started walking towards the road and he told me to start it. I told him I didn't want to as I wasn't running down the incline of our driveway but he said not to short myself distance. LOL  I started the garmin and took off down the road mapping a small distance in my head that I wanted to go. I ran till my breathing got heavy then I paused the garmin and stood still breathing. .11 of a mile. Last time I tried to run I know I stopped right about .10 so that seems to be my starting distance. I hit start after a minute or two and ran again. I stopped a total of four time on an out and back. Each time I just stood still and rested. I could have walked but I wanted this outing to be entirely running. I got back home and I had done .31 of a mile. Not much for others but a big step for me.

I could not have done that in a different pair of shoes.  Ok, well I could have but I would not have because I had no desire to. When I run in other shoes I want to lean forward and I feel like I am trying to propel myself along. In these I just ran. Of course my husband probably could have walked and kept pace with my running speed but whatever. LOL  These shoes are amazing! I came up with a great way to describe them. Some of you will understand but others will be like HUH?  I have been in two malls that had a play area for the kiddos. In both places the floor in this area is super plush and springy. That is how these shoes feel on my feet. For anyone else I have read them described as:  It's like if angels put unicorn leather on your feet and stuffed it with dodo feathers.  LMAO


  1. I'm not into tattoos myself, but that looks pretty. I should think the feet a painful area to tattoo!


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