Monday, March 10, 2014

Odds and ends.

It seems that I have now contracted the lovely tummy bug that the rest of my house had last week. A missed 2 days of school and B missed 3 due to it. I was scheduled 9-1 today but I ended up calling out. At least I am not throwing up like B was. I dislike throwing up and am grateful that I didn't have horrible morning sickness with my pregnancies.

I was able to get a few small things done around the house with the extra full day off. Several loads of laundry and a few small projects completed. Tomorrow I need to siphon out the turtle tank and give them fresh water. I did the guppy tank last week so only fair I do the turtles next.

Planning on an early night tonight so that hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow. I want to take the bike out for a spin. (Yes, that picture is the exact bike I got so it is that teal color with white accents) It has been so many days I know my butt better not be saddle sore any longer. LOL

On the way home from work last week I swung into WinnDixie an scored some HUGE savings. They have a K cup deal currently and I had coupons plus found clearance salads and used a $5 off $30 coupon. I was very happy with the final numbers as you can see. I got a hold of even better K cup coupons on Sunday but I resisted buying more. LOL  I have tons that I need to drink through first.
Saved 91.90 and spent $53.37

I am still noticing little changes in my body even if the scale isn't dropping to fast.  I happen to glance in the mirror at Target last night when was washing my hands and had to do a double take. My jaw line totally caught my eyeMy double chin is almost gone!   Kinda wish I had snapped a picture now just to show you. 

 Also I can feel my collar bones!!! They are just baaarrrellyy showing but they are there. 
See the slight bump right in the center there? 


  1. Hope you and your family feel better soon, I hate being sick!

  2. Too bad we weren't closer .... I would SO take some of those extra KCups off yours hands ;) (oh yeah .... and feel better!)


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