Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spur of the moment surprise trip.

A few days ago hubby mentioned a new kind of running shoe to me. He said people in his groups were talking about it and that they were supposed to be really cushiony. That made my ears perk up as I am always looking for a cushey sneaker. With 10 hour days at work I want cushey!  I asked who carried them and he said probably Dick's and I forgot about it. Two days ago I remembered and went to looking. It seems they are specialty and only sold in certain stores. The closest to us being Gainesville, Orlando, or Tampa. We mentioned maybe hitting Tampa one day when we were at MOSI or visiting my mom and life went on.

This morning hubby met up with his bud to help him out with his studies and I knew he wouldn't be home till after 1pm. I tried to think of something we could do for the day that would be ok for the later half. I looked up the Gainesville store and called and no answer. I looked at the Facebook page to make sure they were still open. Turns out it is a huge chain (LOL I didn't know) and the FB page showed Brooks there today and a free run starting at 6:30pm. I called again and someone answered. I asked if they had that brand in stock in my size and they did.  So I told hubby to dress in running clothing and to be ready to leave the house by 3pm. We got out about 3:30pm but that is normal for us. A is the only one that knew the plan because B would have blurted it out in a heartbeat. Hubby was clueless but excited. Especially as I took the long way out of town going past several places he would have normally ran. Once I got on the interstate he realized we were going to Gainesville but he still didn't know why.

The store is in the Oaks Mall so he knew we were going to something there. He figured it out once he saw the Fit2Run logo. Once we got into the store I told him he was doing the fun run with a group. LOL  I tried on many styles of the shoe brand and a few of other brands. We joined their store club and basically had that fee cut in half with what we saved on my shoes. While hubby did the run the kids and I walked around the mall. After he got back we went to Red Robin for dinner. Much better experience this time. Of course it was a different location so I would hope it was better.

It is 10pm and we are just now getting home and settled. All in all it was a good day. :)  The shoes are Hoka One One.

I received an insult today.   o.O   Yesterday we bought a new scale when were at Aldi. It was one of those water/fat percentage ones for $15 and I thought that was reasonable. This morning I opened it up and got it ready for a WI. I read the instructions and set myself as user one. Got on and got my weigh and waited for the rest. I got a weird Errh so I tried again standing differently. Same thing so I tried again. Then I grabbed the manual since it was obviously and error of some sort and I wanted to know why. Umm yeah, I got the answer.  ERROR HEAVY.  Basically it means that my body fat % is to high for it to calculate.  :Insert cuss word to scale here:  Thankfully it was funny to me and didn't drag me down.


  1. Wow....that sucks on the scale. That said is pretty darned cheap for a new scale, so I guess it was a case of 'you get what you pay for.' LOL

  2. Good lord, I'd have to smack that scale. Lol

  3. This reminds me of that stupid Wii Fit board telling me in such a sugary sweet voice, "that's obese!" whenever I stood on it. Stupid scale. :)

  4. Enjoy the cushey shoes:)
    Bad scale :( Out it goes!


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