Saturday, September 16, 2023

Umm Whoops?


It seems that much like Stained Glass Butterfly I managed to wipe everything clean.

I got an email like two weeks ago from the hosting company I was using. They were raising the price for my 3-month hosting package. It had already gone up $6 and it was about to double!! Umm no.

So I decided to fiddle around and go to a free blog host. I looked at WordPress and remembered how much it annoyed me. So back to Blogger, I am. However, when I got the transfers all set up I did not know that I wouldn't be able to get back into my self-hosted blog. So it looks like I just lost 4 years' worth of posts. 

The only good news is that all of ya'll reading this were around the majority of that time so you know all. Probably best that some of it is lost just due to the nature of my previous job. 

Half the time I cannot remember what I blogged about anyway so you know I recap a lot. Haha!

I just wanted to throw something up so if any of you visited this weekend you wouldn't be confused as to why it is so different looking. 

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  1. Hi there, new Blogger neighbor! I used to like Wordpress, but it's gotten worse and worse to try to use. I like the password-protected posts, but it's not user-friendly at all, and the themes available get uglier and uglier. I updated my link to you :)


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