Saturday, January 20, 2024

Uno reverse card has been played.

 This was a much better week despite me starting Tuesday off with a head cold.

Thursday afternoon I had a moment that changed the trajectory of my future. Keep in mind I had just built a game plan for the future in the last few weeks.  It seems as if my first plan is now my discarded plan. 

I am changing colleges back to the one I am receiving my AA from. Never mind the fact that I am currently $1400 in the hole for the two classes I signed up for. I cannot get my money back at this point as it is past the drop date.  I can drop them period but I have to pay for them so might as well finish them if I am able to. 

I had looked at the degrees my prior college offered first before I looked anywhere else. I found one that I was interested in and started making a game plan. Business and Organizational Management BA to be exact. As I was looking into all the classes I realized that it required an internship with a business. Umm, I need to work and there is no way I could do that so I just walked away from it. I found the one I signed up for and moved on. On Thursday I was assigned to help proctor testing with a teacher I have never been with. I know them and their sister works at the school but I just have never dealt with them directly. I told him how I finished my AA and starting at UWF. He mentioned his wife was in the college I had just finished and was in her last term of the Business degree. I asked him how she did the internship since he had also just told me that she worked at a middle school. It seems she was able to do it at the school over the summer!  She worked with the secretary and the bookkeeper for the internship!  This totally blew my mind as I didn't think they would allow that. I ended up booking a meeting with my advisor for Friday and emailed the person in HR who is my contact about school stuff. I heard back from her first with a request to call her. I did and she said she sees that degree a lot and that people are short by like one class or they would be certified to teach a subject. That if I can take the correct classes I will be able to be certified to teach Business Education 6-12 with only my degree.  In other words, I wouldn't need a subject area test like I would with a generic degree. I also spoke to the advisor at the college to get more information. I didn't think I could start till Summer but he mentioned that I might be able to in Spring B if there were classes open still. That would be great because with this degree I would need one specific prerequisite before a second class. The earlier I could get stuff started the better!

Then I ended up getting a list of the two classes that most people miss one or the other of from the HR person. Turns out BOTH of them are on my pathway. One is actually that prereq class I have to take. I might have to take some night classes in person but that is what it is. I can do that with it being local to me. I also may be able to accelerate depending on when classes are and in what order I can take them. 

The biggest one of all?

The cost!!!!   UWF is $13,138.xx   The local community college is $7800 for a BA. So even with the loss of the $1400 to UWF, I will still up by almost 4K. The two classes unfortunately will not be able to be counted towards this new degree. They are basically a waste of time and money. I am still planning on finishing them though. Unless I suck at them and then I will drop them with a W and move on. 

One class shouldn't be a problem. The second class is all about group projects which sucks. 

So this is my update for now. 


  1. That's awesome that you found a way to do the internship! But sucks that you can't get your money back for those classes you are taking now. I remember having to do group projects in class, and I hated it! I would take on extra work if I could just work alone :)

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Better to let that money go and move on!

  3. Just been catching up on your previous posts!
    Thanks for the update.

    All the best Jan


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