Sunday, January 14, 2024

I don't know how

 I don't know how I am going to make this going back-to-school thing work. 

Oh, I guess I should update ya'll since you have no clue what I am talking about.

I just finished my AA but after a whopping four weeks off I am going back to school! 

I was accepted into the University of West Florida. I just started classes on January 8th and will be working towards a BA. I cannot rush this degree though like I was able to with my AA. I completed a 24-month program in 15 months with that one. With this BA I will not be done until Spring of 2026. This makes me a bit sad but it is what it is. I have worked out a schedule for myself already of what classes and when to take them and they will be spaced out since I plan to take more classes in summer as usual. I have summers off from work so it makes the most sense to take more then. This is the plan below.

I felt so good the first week of January and everything was great. I felt in control and like I was going to rock everything. 

Then the second week hit, and I feel like I ran into a roadblock. I have not even opened my journal since Sunday night last week. With school starting and me being so last minute (I applied on 12/20/23) and then having an advisor meeting on 1/8/24 (the first day of classes). I feel like my head is spinning.  My financial aid has not even hit yet and I had to sign up for a payment arrangement. I was told when financial aid hits it will cover the remaining payments so that is what I am banking on. This school is not the most expensive by any means but it is still costlier than the local CC was. They were $112.92 and this one is $218.98 so that is a big difference. I could have done other stuff that was like $560 a credit hour so I should be happy but my heart hurts for the money output. Then of course that lovely imposter syndrome is back and I feel less than. 

I have completed all the assignments for this week of school but they were basically introduction posts and syllabus quizzes. 

I am taking

UDL Community Learning


 Teaching at Risk Learners

The bright side is I do not have to take any more math courses. The downside is I will have to complete a practicum in the Fall of 2025. I will have to find a non-profit that works with kids and complete 100 hours. They don't care what time the hours are done at least. I will have to find a place first of all as no one in my county has done one and it will need to offer night and weekend hours for me to be able to do it. I do have a list of places people use that are local to the college (5 hours away) so that I can try and find similar places here.

Off to try and catch up on ya'lls posts.  

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  1. Congratulations on going back to school! It does sound a bit overwhelming, but maybe try to take it one day at a time, plan a week at a time, and don't doubt yourself. Spring of 2026 will be here before you know it, and you can have a degree to show for it!


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