Tuesday, January 2, 2024

New Year- New ?

Happy New Year!!!  The ball has dropped.  It has been a full day into the new year. I actually made the above for IG but it works for here as well. :)  So I am still having a hard time figuring out the best way to get pictures on here. I think I found something that is OK and it will have to do. Basically, I make a draft on my phone in the blogger app and upload pictures one by one.  Then I save the draft.  This post is that in action.  You do have to title it and type at least one word for it to work. So now I have a bunch of pictures I have to type a post around. 

It does let me move them at least.  I am making an effort to spend more time with my daughter. So far we have Watched the Barbie movie/ she played with sidewalk chalk outside/ I took her to the park/ today our plan is the watch the Netflix movie Leo. I'm a pretty hands off mom. My mom was a hands off mom. I don't want to be like that anymore. How long will this last? I hope for a while. I am trying to work on myself and this journal is an immense help. 

 The pictures seem to be a smidge stretched but it is better than no pics. 

I also realized that I feel better- Like way better. WAY, way better.  LOL  It hit me a few days ago and I decided I need to document how I am feeling and my life. It is too easy to forget things. I realized I am not having brain fog anymore. Last time I felt this way I had cut all carbs and sugar. I had not cut carbs or sugar so I wasn't sure why I felt so good.  Could it be because I was on Christmas break so no stress. Could it be the iron? Could it be the no gluten???  I'm thinking it might be the gluten. Because by cutting carbs last time in effect I cut gluten as well. I have cut the sugar out and am still eating carbs but GF ones. Also eating whatever fruit & veggies I want. I last lost in 2019 and I was eating pretty much anything I wanted protein, veggies, fruit wise. LC on anything else. There is no official name for my way of eating. I kinda call it wholefood-ish/ LC/ GF  LOL

I have an update on the grumpy neighbor dog. Yesterday was a New Years Day miracle!  We're friends now!  He will let me pet him and give him love.

Here are some pictures I posted on IG.  It shows the printer picture sticker compared to the digital copy.  

This is the printer that I am using for my sticker pictures.
Was torn between blue and brown. As you saw last post I went with this one. I prefer the spiral.
I still bought this one because it is soooo pretty! 


I ordered these in 3 colors.  I hope I love them!  


This is the same information that I wrote in my last post but it is just written out clearer. 

This is a page I added to my journal yesterday

  OH I JUST HAD AN IDEA  I need to add a page to record what I do with my girlie every day. \

The purpose of this one above is to keep track of spending for food. I also added the checks to check off that I uploaded the receipts to Fetch, Coin Out, and Amazon shoppers panel. I have been doing Kroger delivery which I can't take pictures of so that sucks but it is what it is. 


  1. Happy New Year. It seems as if you have a great plan looking foward and a nice review of he year!

  2. Happy New Year. My focus is getting healthy. I am also gluten free. I find the more wholesome I eat the better I feel. Only 5 days in but I have cleaned up the diet & hope to continue.


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