Saturday, December 30, 2023

Franken journal- 2023 reflections.

 Hello my internet peeps,

New Year's is right around the corner. Alexa says it is in 29 or so hours as a matter of fact. I am in such a good mood and I have been for DAYS!  I saw a IG post about someone that keeps a bullet journal. I really liked the concept she had so I am rolling with it. I went and spent that dog sitting AND Christmas money to buy stuff I wanted to so that I could start. First I needed a journal- I went to Walmart because Amazon delivery wouldn't be till Jan 4th when I was looking and I wanted to start NOW. I bought two because I couldn't decide which one I liked more.  I know me and I knew that paying the extra $ was worth the saving of my sanity. Why? Because I know me.  Whatever I got would be wrong and I would want the other one which would make me go back to the store and spend more money. 

Basically, she made a bullet journal/ memory book. I love planners and looking at them but when it comes down to it I don't use them. They don't work for what I want blah blah. I started mine on the spiral one I got and I am LOVING it.  I have made mistakes but they don't irritate me like they would in a planner.  This is more like a work of art and I am fine with it. I am keeping track of memories/scrap book, food eaten, dinners made, goals, possible meals, and whatever else my heart desires. I spent the money on something I had actually wondered about in the past but didn't really need it. Now I doooo- It is a portable printer that prints pictures 2x3 on sticker paper. So I can actually have the pictures printed and easily able to be seen. I take so many photos but I rarely look at them. They just live in my phone's memory and might be used for social media or here. Or they might just be things I took and never touch again.  This way I can have those pictures front and center along with a summary of my day. I am doodling in it as well which feels good as I never play with being artistic anymore. 

I will share pictures as I have it more fleshed out. I also need to find a good way to get pictures on here. It isn't the smoothest transfer so that gets annoying. I did get the blogger app to try and helps with that though.   ( I inserted this picture thinking I could with the app. It deleted my whole post. Thankfully I had made a copy first of the words or I would have been super pissed) 

I have been looking back at things and that is what I will spend tonight and tomorrow night doing. Comparing old weights and how much I have lost and gained.  Usually, I stay the same but you may recall that I creeped up this past year. Spring term with taking 6 classes is where I gained my Freshman 15. From 12/30/22 at 225.4 all the way up to my highest in in May of 241 that is actually 15.6 lbs. I started working with Amanda in July and I lost a few pounds. Then when I stopped working with her I went a bit crazy starting the end of August. I am up from my lowest working with her but I am not upset. Because I am still lower than my start weight with her. I started at 237.6 and am now at 231.8- I am still down 5.8 lbs overall.  I don't want to be in the 30's though so that is my first goal. To get back in the 22x.  From last NYE-eve to this NYE-eve is only a gain of 6.4 lbs.  It could be a lot worse. It could still be the whole 15.6 lbs up. 

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