Sunday, December 10, 2023

Week at a glance

I sat down and opened this post yesterday but just never got around to writing it. 

I did however do a little blog hoping and found some blogs I have not seen in forever. I need to get links together and look at them every day or every other day. I just don't really think about blogs unless I am on the computer. I have a mini computer in my phone but that is social media territory. For some reason, my brain only wants to pair reading blogs with a computer screen. 

I am all over the place today just to warn you.  

This is the Iron treatment brand I am receiving. As you know, I am on my 3rd set. I started Monday of these with all being this same one. A nurse asked me why they have me on the same one if it isn't sticking and I told her I have no idea. She did say it could be what my insurance will approve.  She messaged whoever handles that to look into it but she hadn't heard back by the time I was done. 

I go tomorrow for the second round so hopefully she is working and I can ask her if she heard back.  When I was waiting for the IV I could hear her talking to a elderly couple about the treatment the man was going to be receiving and I could tell that she really cares. She also has an interesting sense of humor. She wears a medical alert bracelet that says "if found, throw me in the trash".  She said she has worked in the ER locally for years and sees how that goes so she would rather go in the trash. Uhhhhhhhh ok  LOL

Nespresso's Pumpkin Spice Cake Vertuo pod. I just think it is so pretty!

Here are just a few dinner pictures from this week. 

Teriyaki Salmon with rice

Carnita pork over rice with too many onions

BBQ pork loaded fries

My In-laws took squirt for the night Saturday and she will not be home till after 7 pm Sunday night. Took advantage of this and went to dinner using a gift card to Chilis. 

Dip trio part of appetizer upgrade with the 3 for $10.99 deal. It was an extra $3.49

Bunless burger with fries

Adorable notebook I didn't need but wanted from Five Below. 
Please note- these are the MLP from when I was a kid. The MLP now have rounder softer faces. The pink face in the back is actually Cotton Candy whom I have in my closet somewhere. 

There are little faces on the dividing tabs!

Dinner in the crockpot. Just a roast with a bunch of crap thrown on top. 

I have been trying to eat gluten-free to see if that will help with my iron retention. I am wondering if I have silent celiac or something. Celiacs is known for causing anemia and my blood work always shows high inflammation.   I had gluten twice this week (Publix Fried Chicken) Once for dinner Wed night and then leftovers for lunch the next day. I was looking at it like it is only a little, and it will be ok (how I look at carbs lately- trying to be more low carb as well which coincides with watching gluten)   

My c-section apron has been behaving differently this week. I cannot quite figure out what the issue is but it has been different. It almost feels like it has raised as far as the normal overhang. I have not lost weight that would typically equal a lift of that belly flap. Thursday was a bad day as far as my c-section scars and stuff (I have 3). They NEVER, EVER hurt and just exist. Thursday they were puffy and I could almost feel each scar specifically. My belly was upset Thursday night as well and I will spare you the details.  How about as I am sitting here thinking about writing this it is making me wonder if I do have a gluten sensitivity thing I don't know about. Maybe that is why my pannis is rising? Maybe the two meals with gluten in the chicken breading really hit me as I had been GF for several days prior?

Just speculation at this point. But I will be watching to see if it continues to change. 

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