Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Merry Christmas!

I hope your Christmas was enjoyable!  I have had some that I have been upset and grumpy. Thankfully this year was awesome! I was pleased with the gifts I got this year for my little one, so that helps a lot. The boys are of the age that cash is appreciated. I got them both mini fridges for their rooms last year. This year they got a 12-pack and money deposited into the account of choice. 

I received Christmas money as well that I have to decide what to do with. I am also dog sitting the neighbors dogs as they go on a cruise this week. He had offered $100 but ended up leaving $140 so Yeah!  This is a picture of the pups. The bigger one is a bit of a pill. He is a rescue that was abused so it takes time for him to warm up.  He has nipped at me a few times with neighbor present. He did yesterday as well but only got my shirt. Today there was no nipping! Granted, I am also bribing them with treats.  LOL  


  1. Christmas was quiet. A 3 day weekend is always appreciated. I love the stockings hanging in the picture. Glad to hear you had a goid holiday.

    1. Thank you! Had to block the names that were written LOL

  2. Many thanks for your recent comment on the low carb diabetic blog.
    Thanks for the update ... take care and look after yourself.

    My good wishes for the coming New Year.

    All the best Jan


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