Sunday, August 11, 2013

How time flies

A year ago today we were attending the funeral of my husband's grandfather. A year ago this coming week I went to the Tampa area to work in one of my companies locations for a few days. A year ago the following week school started and my A went into second grade.

No funerals this year thankfully. Those south stores are still having problems with staffing but they haven't been desperate enough to ask me to travel. School starts next Monday (18th) here and this time I have two that will be going. A. into third and B into kindergarten. I will have the house to myself on my days off during the week. OH MY!  LOL  Well really hubby might be home some of those days as he only goes to campus twice a week.

 Stagger start for B and the way it hits with my days off, I get the quiet house as of Tuesday the 19th. I did kind of want to have a mommy and me day with him (was hoping he started Mon or Wed) but coworker has appointments and stuff that make the schedule not able to be wiggled.

Clothing has been purchased and basic supplies as well. I have learned not to use the generic school supply lists and just wait for the one the teacher gives. They both will be using simple backpacks I got on clearance for them last year. I did buy them fancy lunch boxes with compartments that are really neat.

I also got a few simple supplies in case I wanted to make their lunches all cute a la bento style. Our school district is part of some special program this year that will allow ALL elementary children to eat free. Currently all elementary students get free breakfast in our county but now it will be lunch as well.  Most local people are upset as they feel the quality of food will go down and that in turn will make the kids eat less which will cause more garbage. I have more of a wait and see type attitude I guess. I am being proactive with the cute lunch box purchase though just in case.

If I do make cute lunches though expect that you will be seeing them. Haha!  I will have to share my masterpieces with the world doncha know.  :)

Next Sunday you might get a boo-hoo my baby is growing up post. LOL  My coworker thinks I am handling this very well.  I think it just hasn't hit me yet.


  1. It is strange how things take a while to hit me too - usually after the fact!

  2. I can't recommend having your kids take their lunch often enough. Mine has taken her lunch almost every day and it's made a world of difference.

    Good luck with the school transitions. Fun to watch them grow up!


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