Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Life is about to get extremely complicated for my house hold.

You all know from my last post that school is starting next week.

 We have been awaiting some very important news regarding hubby. I never mentioned anything in my blog about it as we were supposed to hear in July and we just heard today. Just kinda figured that it wasn't going to happen and life would move on. Well per the word this morning my hubby is now the do boy for the college athletic trainer. :P (His official title is student trainer)  This position comes with a scholarship and invaluable experience that will help with his resume. He loves sports and is learning to be a PTA so the combo is awesome thing for him.

Complications are that now we have to pay money every week for after school care for the boys. We are also not sure if the boys will be able to play soccer this year now. A. played last year and B. wanted to start this year. Till we see how exactly this will work and what hours he has to be available for this position that will be up in the air. I'm going to lose my maid!  He wasn't perfect but it was less crap I had to do. Hah!

I am still up in the air about packing the boys lunches daily. I mean umm IT'S FREE to have them eat at school. But IT'S GONNA BE PROCESSED CRAP.  At least if I send them with processed crap I know exactly what they are eating as I would have bought it and have the labels. I want to pack it today and bake them treats and all that jazz.  But come Monday I am probably going to be all like here is your poptart and cheesy poofs have a good day. (Ok not really- neither are even in the house LOL)


  1. Congrats on your husbands job.

    Pack the kids lunches. Keep them used to food you prep at home. It will make a huge difference in their health now, and especially later. Free lunch will come with a high medical price tag later - IMO

  2. I totally feel you. Maybe do a bit of both. Ask the kids what (ONE) lunch they'd like to eat during the week, and then pack them a lunch the rest of the days. Compromise?


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