Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School days

The second day of school has now come and gone. B went to his first day of Kindergarten today. :)

First day!
B was super excited waiting for the bus. A was just over it already.

A's first HW assignment.
His 1st grade teacher always gave them practice sheets that were half in cursive with monkey tails. He learned to write with those loops and I cannot get him to stop no matter how I try.  Grrrrrr.

I was off of work today so everything got accomplished that should have. I fear having to do all of this stuff on normal work nights though. Ugh!  That is life though and I guess I will just have to learn to deal with it.

 I managed to make myself my yummy bacon cabbage so I have that for a few days. I also baked some banana bread for the boys.  I FINALLY found a super easy and tasty recipe that all of the boys like.  I did have a small bite to taste it but I should be able to resist it. :fingers crossed:   Both kids got lunch at school today.  I wanted B to learn how to use the cafeteria line on his first day when adults would basically be holding his hand through it. Tomorrow it is just A and he requested a lunch from home so that is made and in the fridge. (HM crustless pb&j on whole wheat, green olives, apple sauce, slice banana bread & capri sun water)  

 Found these at Target and they make packing lunches so easy!

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