Sunday, August 18, 2013

Goodbye Summer, Hello body changes!

Today was the last day of summer for my kids.

Tomorrow starts another year of school in our county. A. will be starting 3rd while B. stays home. His stagger start day for K isn't until Tuesday so he gets two extra days off this week. Of course hubby's internship starts tomorrow so B. will spend part of the day with Momma (grandma) at her job. Thankfully she works in a environment that this is ok occasionally. There is no way I could have him at my job for that length of time.

I should be getting school stuff ready but as usual I am procrastinating. That really should have been my middle name. :)  It's just the basics anyway. Have to wait for payday to complete the shopping as far as specifics that the teachers want.

Looks like A will be taking lunch tomorrow.  I found the school menu online and he isn't thrilled with the first day of school selections.  (Cheeseburger or Cheesy Garlic Flatbread with marinara) He said he only likes cheeseburgers from Sonic. LOL

I am loving all these little glimpses of myself changing that I am seeing lately. :)  My wedding rings are spinning. Certain shirts are feeling huge. My lower gut is feeling smaller. My shoulders are thinner as well. I could probably carry a purse now. Your probably going HUH!?  My shoulders were rounded with fat padding. That rounding made purse straps basically roll off if I tried to wear them.  Hmmm... off to go change and see if I can get hubby to take a picture.

Same shirt- different color shorts but they are the same style
Wow!  I suspected the above mentioned things but you can really see them in this picture.  I am only down 4.8 more pounds but there is a noticeable difference. Even hubbers saw it which is saying a lot.  Hah!  First picture is from May and second is from tonight.

I keep staring at the two pictures and trying to play the find the differences. :)


  1. There are so many changes! Wow! That is awesome!
    The first thing I noticed was your arm. It looks so much smoother now, but wow the biggest difference is indeed your belly. HUGE DIFFERENCE and you're right your lower belly is significantly smaller. Also your chin seems to be tightening up and your backside looks smooth instead of bumpy!! You are doing soooo good!So proud of you!

  2. There is a significant difference! Just keep on doing what you're doing! Good job:)


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