Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nailed it!

Friday I spent the day at a location of my company that is about three hours north of mine. I called them at noon to say I was 30 minutes away and asked what was for lunch. (The plan for me was to grab a protein and then have the packed cauliflower side I brought) They mentioned Sonic for the chicken fingers or Chinese. I jumped on the Chinese choice of course. LOL They asked me what I like and I asked them what they order. One gal said pepper chicken and I told her that. She also told me she gets green beans instead of rice (Wha? Awesome!) and I can get either chicken on a stick or an eggroll (WAH again?) "Totally awesome" I said as I ordered the green beans and chicken stick through her. I was tickled that my daily eats were going to be so easy. If course I know about the hidden stuff in Chinese food but I wasn't to worried about it. Oh my goodness- This food was fantastic! Next time I go up there I may be bringing this stuff home for work wife and hubby to try.

This was a picture after I devoured my chicken on a stick (exhibit A. empty stick) I had also sampled some of the delicious food at the time of this picture. LOL

Today I wanted to re-create the recipe and green beans if I could. I took out a few chicken breasts to thaw and started googling.
I was eating my yummy lunch of sauteed brussel sprouts during my google searches. I don't know what it is but I love the little buggers. The texture that they get after being sauteed really appeals to me. The bacon in them helps too. :)

I got some news that really upset me that normally would have sent me reaching for comfort food. I am glad that I had just eaten those brussel sprouts or I don't know where I would have ended up. Hubby was on an 18 mile run so I had no one to discuss this information with. I stewed about it for a little while then did some googling on the subject. Finally I decided to let it go as worrying about it will not change it. After that I felt way better about the subject.

After hubby got home I discussed it with him. It is what it is and I cannot change the outcome. All I can do is roll with it and time will tell. I have my paperwork all together and am prepared to do battle. (not work related)

I was kind over trying to do both the green beans and chicken at that point of the day though. I did make the chicken loosely using this recipe for pepper chicken. I marinated in more soy sauce and longer than listed. (I didn't velvet as she mentions to do) I only used onion. I used dark sesame oil for the cooking oil. I didn't measure anything including the pepper. I am happy to say that it turned out unbelievably good! A definite keeper meal for us. I had it with two small sweet potatoes that were getting old and hubby had leftover yellow rice.


delicious leftovers for ME
An attempt at green beans will be in the near future. They were tender crisp with little chunks of garlic on them.

Two blog posts in one day. I haven't done that in a long while.  Enjoy!
1 2-liter diet coke for liquid  No breakfast - lunch of brussel sprouts - dinner of pepper chicken and mashed sweet potatoes.


  1. Good for you not turning to food for comfort! It's tough, I know, but the little victories add up.

    What a great tip green beans instead of rice! I'll use it next time I get roped into going to a Chinese restaurant.

  2. Love green beans! It's a staple in my house. And awesome job forgoing comfort food.

  3. Jeeps!!!!! Two blog posts in quick succession ... ain't that great.

    Might not be everyone's favourite vegetable BUT I just love brussel sprouts, add some bacon to them too WOW good stuff

    All the best Jan


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