Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today was my Saturday

I took full advantage of that and SLEPT IN!  Kids had school and hubby had to meet a friend up at the college to help him with some stuff. I had a quiet house to myself. I really enjoyed myself. LOL

I did at least do something productive today and bathed the dogs. It is winter yet we seem to be having a problem with fleas from out of no where. Very annoying!  I also surfed some blogs and took a shower. In my defense I worked my days off last week remember?  LOL

 I need to make a list of things that I want to accomplish tomorrow because there are plenty. They are mostly along the lines of cooking though. I want to make some veggies side dishes (or make a list of possible go to's) for the freezer. I also want to thaw some of the massive amounts of ground turkey we have and cook some up. Just pre-browning some and maybe making some meatballs. Every time I make spaghetti for the boys B. always asks if there are meatballs. They hubby starts up with saying he likes meatballs too and wishes we had some or the spaghetti. @@  LOL  I refuse to buy those frozen circles of pretend meat. I have never met a frozen meatball that I liked. They are always kinda squishy and soft to me. ICK  (The only soft meat I want is a good steak!)  The kids do not like meat sauce so I cannot just add ground turkey to the sauce. The meatballs will allow me to portion them out to who wants them specifically.

I also need to make a list of possible dinner ideas. This whole protein and a nuked bag of veggies (my current standby) is getting old. Hence why I want some more veggie side dish options for me. I have a zillion packs of starchy side dishes bought BOGO with coupons eons ago for hubby. (Long time frames huh?) Not so much for me though unless I am on the ball and remembered to grab something specific for a meal when at the grocery. Staci just reminded me with her post that I haven't made salmon cakes in forever. I predict that will be on the menu soon once I locate a can of salmon.

Here we have the before of my little craft corner. Notice the pile up of junk? You can now see how there were 13 packs of crayons over there now huh? LOL

Here it is all straightened up a bit. Look you can actually see my cricut now. The pitiful chair there was supposed to be a project for me. I never got quite past the stripping of the vinyl and stuffing though. I'll show you what it used to look like tomorrow though.

Oh yeah. Today was WI day also. No change which I am perfectly OK with as I am a week early AGAIN. At least with being back to the better eating there should be no cramps. I couldn't believe how painful December was as I hadn't cramped the other 11 months of 2013.


  1. I struggle with sides also! I've noticed that my cycle is directly link to how I eat and if I work out. The past two months it's been really late, and really painful!

    1. If only I worked out. LOL I am grateful for the no cramps though. :) Of course as I typed that I felt a twinge but I am sure it is just in my head.

  2. Have you tried baking your veggies? A touch of oil, some bread crumbs (whole wheat if possible) and some spices? Lots of recipes on line...I do this often and love it. As long as I keep the bread crumbs very light I think its a pretty good deal...may do some okra today!

    1. I do roast some things. I try to avoid grain/sugar so bread crumbs would be a no. Thanks for the suggestion though. :)

  3. It's just so nice to have a quiet peaceful sleep in ....... zzzzzzz

    All the best Jan

  4. Wow! Fabu job with the craft corner!
    Sounds like either stress or out-of balance hormones are throwing your schedule off. A few days either way is normal but if it happens again, I'd see a doctor.
    Glad you got to sleep in :)


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