Saturday, January 11, 2014

Plugging along

Many times this week I have thought about blogging. By the time I actually could though, it would have amounted to just a sentence or two. I figured it was pointless to even try if I couldn't come up with a decent post. :/

Eating is still on plan. mostly I did have some grains the other day as I was seeking comfort food due to pain. (5 grain sub roll that I pulled all the fluff out of)  

My tooth has to be infected with the amount of pain I am in daily. I feel like I am living on pain killers. I have a Dr appointment on Tuesday to get some antibiotics. It cannot come soon enough I tell you. We went to Sam's Club today and I opened the ibuprofen bottle before I even paid for it as I needed another dose. I have never done that in my life. The most I have done along those lines is eating a grape or cherry to make sure the batch is good. I see people from time to time opening food items in the store and eating them before they have paid. I wasn't raised that way though so that is a foreign concept to me

I tried something new the other day on a whim. I had bought a couple plantains just to add something else for me to have as a side dish. I was planning on pan frying them and making tostones. Once I got home it hit me that I got the wrong color. I should have gotten green for frying but these were yellow with some black marks. For the hell of it I peeled one and threw it in the oven whole with some cooking spray and salt. The resulting food item was really odd flavor wise but quite tasty. It was sweet and tangy all at the same time. Some parts were banana-ish texture with sweet plantain and a tart flavor while other bites were a teeny bit more starchy. Not a everyday thing for sure with the amount of carbs in them. However as a once in a while thing they would be great. 

Do you remember that brussel sprout/bacon combo recipe I told you about last month? I am happy to say that it freezes very well! I had so much of it when I made it and I got tired of eating it so I froze some. I heated it up in the microwave the other night for me to have as a side dish. Wow, was it good! Almost better than the first time as I appreciated it more. I got the supplies to make two batches this time.  I want to freeze it in portion sizes. Well poop! I was going to link you to the recipe but it seems that Sam's Club must change them out because I cannot find it. 

Dinner tonight was tilapia and those sweet potato thingies. The sweet potato thingies were a special request by my hubby. Remember, this guy used to HATE sweet potatoes and now he requested them??  LOL  I have blogged about them before. I got the concept from another blogger that calls them sweet potato puffs. They are just roasted sweet potato pieces. 

Hope your Sunday is a good one!

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  1. I have had plantain before, but I did not prepare it. I recall I did enjoy it. Not sure what I would do with them tho! Hope your tooth pain gets worked out!


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