Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Simple Swan meal plan

This here is my simple swan meal plan for my family. No, it is not keto. Many of them can be dirty keto modified. Or I will just eat something else. Finances and dirty keto will have to work hand in hand around here.

I work until 7 and am often not home till
7:30 or later. I am the only person in the house that is capable of cooking it seems. @@ So the meal cooking falls on me most of them time. Sometimes I can have hubby start grilling but he gets impatient quickly when it isn't cooked to his standard in his personal time frame. I can also have my son start cooking thawed ground beef to crumble but he goes overboard with that chopped utensil and I end up with fine ground beef.

Of course the kids come in while I am cooking and ask what is for dinner. That is an instant piss off for me honestly. I know they are just innocently asking but when they ask Every. Single. Night.  They KNOW I don't like it so it feels like a they are just being butts. 

I did overhear my 13 yr old telling hubby last night that I should make a list with what dinner is nightly so they dont have to ask. As you can imagine that went over well. I told him when he started cooking dinner I would gladly make a list for him to cook of off. If they would actually start dinner and help me out I would gladly make a list. However, I get home and they are all (hubby included) playing video games or on phones. As you can imagine that sets my mood. I get the pleasure of coming home from work to make these lazy asses dinner. No. I'm not bitter or anything. 🤣🤣🤣

As annoyed as I get I know it is my own fault. I let hubby get away with it from the start. I do intend on making, yes making, the kids learn how to cook but 13 is a bit young to me. Shush. I know it isn't but I am hoping he grows out of his playing dumb attitude ok?.

Korean beef with rice (cauli rice me)
Sausage & Peppers/Onions ×2
Brats/hot dogs on grill
Hm Pizza x2.
Tacos x2 (low carb tortilla me or salad)
Chicken & rice (cauli rice me)
Nachos or picadillo (leftover taco meat)
Boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

That is only 12 meals but there will be leftovers. Or the ever famous mac n cheese if I dont feel like cooking period.

Earlier I was thinking about thawing something for dinner but now I think I will use leftover chicken from the thighs I cooked last night for today.

I honestly cannot make a chart though even if I wanted. I have found that having a list of possible meals that can be made with what is in the house works best for me. If I try and assign a night more than 1 day in advance it just doesn't work. That item may not sound appealing that day or I just dont want to make the effort.

Ended up with pizza tonight. Here is mine. 

I downloaded a new app to use in blogger  let's hope the pictures work.

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