Monday, December 31, 2018

Just a little hiccup

So  remember how I said I was going to hit the grocery? Hit it I did. And got declined. 😂  Called hubby to bring me our BOA card since he had mine and there was money on that. Realized I used the wrong card. Tried again. Declined. 😯 I was like oh hell no! I tried to call the company and realized I never activated the new card. 😑 I had my card spoofed in July and they sent a new one. There was a big communication lag and things were not processed in a timely manner and when they bumped the first report they took a 2nd report. So I got a new, new card. 🙄

Lots of starter stuff to make me happy and well satisfied. I just need to cook my stuffs up for prep. My job is closed tomorrow so I shall be doing so then.

Day 1 and I feel good.

Had my 15 bean soup for lunch
2 brats with mustard for dinner.

Simple, yet I am satisfied. Not craving for sweet or really even a want at all. This is GREAT!!! This tells me that I made a good decision to start when I have since I am ready.

Got some stuff at work caught up so that I dont start 2019 feeling behind. Yaassss!

I have plans. I just need to WRITE THEM DOWN and do them.

I am getting ready to start my spur of the moment night routine I am making up as I go. I plan on being settled by 10:30 with a tiny tot snuggled up to me to sleep. That is how I plan on bringing in 2019.

Adding a picture of my kiddos in their Christmas Eve jammies so you can see how they have grown. Before I finished the pictures stinker girl literally pushed her 13 yr old brother off the chair with her head.  She. Is. The. Boss.

No picture. The app keeps crashing. I will add one tomorrow.

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