Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dirty, Lazy, Keto

I now have a title for my "version" of dieting. I low carb but do what I want.🤷‍♀️

In the past I have called it wannabe keto. Well, before keto was a thing I just called it my hybrid low carb, no sugar thing.

Because I am odd I always like to start on weird days. I am starting tomorrow December 31st, 2018. Last time I started on the 31st I was the most successful so let's see if I can follow in my own footsteps. 

Money is tight so I will have to stock up on the less expensive foods for now. I know I have lots of protein in the freezer though because I am a food hoarder. I dont have the slightest idea why because I have never not had food in my life. Well, I lie, there was a short time before I moved in with my mother from my dad's but I was like 6 and didn't know any better. I just remember box mac n cheese, my dad's hidden swiss rolls, and mayo sammys. My brother was 12 so I am sure he would remember better. I'm afraid to ask though, as he has a hatred for our father. 

I dont have a start weight yet. I hope I remember to do so in the morning. I already have lunch packed up. Not low carb, but low sugar at least. 15 bean soup made with the ham bone from Christmas dinner we were sent home with. I gotta go with the cost part of lunch over the low carb for tomorrow. I get off at 4pm and will hit grocery with whatever is available on a credit card. Yup, life is that tight right now. My goal will be to keep the bill low. 😬

I have lots of wants for the new year. Lower our debt will be one. Hubby only works 9 months out of the year and only started working last year. He was in school for a while which you can read about like 2 posts back. So 7 yrs of 1 income and now a low income is hard. I also want to simplify my house. I have a lot of stuff and I want to purge, purge, purge. I just need to omph to do so.

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