Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ray of light?

Holy HELLo has there been a cloud over my head.
 A big, fat dark cloud following me every where I go effecting our lives.

In the past few weeks we had had:

  • Cutereba in a kitty. (Google that if your brave. I will warn you it is a member of the botfly family though)
  • A/C acting up
  • Washing machine flood the garage. (someone tried to help sop up the water...with all the clean towels)
  • Off and on toothache for me due to a bad tooth 
  • Trip to the ER for hubby's asthma flaring and his rescue inhaler not working.
  • Kiwi nipping the neighbor child. Child stuck hand under wooden fence to pet him but Kiwi was agitated by child's grandfather's MALE dog that was standing on the other side of their gate. No one saw the bite but it had to have been him. Neighbor clearly said child stuck hand under fence. He just wanted to make sure everyone was current on shots and they all are.  He said it broke the skin. Child is only about 6 and his parents are recently divorced (father kept the house) Kiwi has snuck under fence in past and gone over there for lovin before so I understand child trying to pet him. :(  I feel horrible about it.

I spoke to an appliance repair dude that comes into my job about the washer. He told me something easy to look for then said if it wasn't that he would come look for $20 and just charge parts. He never called me back today. (in his defense I know he was taking his 9m old to ER after he left my job so I am sure it had to do with that) I decided I would just google and try and see if I could figure out what it was on my own. I took the machine apart (quite empowering to see the guts of machine) and looked for anything obvious. Flooding had happened three days prior though so everything was dry. I was about to give up when a dark line caught my eye. The drain hose from the water pump had a crack in it. I took it off and took the part up to the local appliance store. They didn't have a new part but they were able to sell me a used one for five dollars.  Yup! I fixed the washer for five bucks and a little time and aggravation.

I will end this whaa whaa post with a picture taken tonight of my two stinkers.


  1. What a hard few weeks it has been for you, but how empowering being able to fix the washing machine :)

  2. Here's hoping for bright skies ahead. :)

  3. Sorry you're still going through a rough patch. Great news, Mrs. HandyWoman, on fixing your washing machine! Some people would have given up. An awesome example of your determination!
    Such a cute picture of your lil "stinkers"... the love really comes through!


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