Monday, September 2, 2013

A whole lot of nothing

is what is happening today in my house.  Well that isn't totally true I guess.  Hubby is out on his long run and I did try a new recipe.  I tried to make oopsie rolls. They are ok I guess but nothing to write home about. I took a picture of them on the pan before baking but forgot one after. Pic is on hubby's phone though and he is out for 9 miles. LOL  I did manage to finally saute the two heads of cabbage that I bought a few days ago. Such a cheap/filling/low carb option for those of us trying to watch our weight. :)  Having it pre-cooked allows me to portion out some for myself with my protein for dinner. That frees me up to make something starchy for hubby if I feel like it. He is a runner that loves his starches.  

I finally figured out why B was not eating his full lunch. It turns out that he is eating the free school lunch. (Our county is part of a test program in which Elementary students eat lunch free) Silly child!

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