Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mommy relax day.

First I had to hit up the auto store as hubby's car has been getting slower and slower upon start up when the engine cranks. Auto store tested the battery and it was almost dead. Replaced the battery as it would suck to be stranded on Mommy Day.  LOL  Our battery was 3 yrs old and had a 11/10 sticker on it. On the counter there was the same kind with a 7/10. I mentioned it to the sale rep and he said he had noticed the same thing. After the car was fixed I popped on over to Eyeglass World.  Momma has been wanting contacts again for a while. I haven't had them in almost eight years. Turns out my eye's haven't changed much since my last eyeglass appointment 3 yrs ago. As far as contacts go I will have the same script in each eye so that will be nice for buying them. The trial pair I am in now are .25 higher than what I should have due to them only having one of what I need. After I left the eyeglass place (right next store to auto place) the rep was changing another battery. He told me I started a avalanche and they were all the same kind of battery. Whoops!
Temporary sunglasses

I them popped over to Target for sunglasses. The entire time I was dealing with an earworm. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. LOL Contacts refract more light into the eye (according to eye Dr) so not only was I seeing HD but super bright. No sunglasses as to what I wanted and I only ended up with one thing. I planned on being out all day and what I needed to buy wouldn't have lasted in the car (crayons). I did have a PSL though. Slurp, slurp, slurp. Naughty mommy as far as the sugar but it sure was good. :)

After Target I went to Ulta to pick up some nail polisher remover pads. I had tried to remove the polish from my tootsies earlier and it seems my remover is to old because it sucks. Ended up getting talked into a haircut while I was there. While I was talking to the hairdresser about my hair I did mention that we had a round of lice in June but they should be eradicated. She checked my hair and said all was well. (Yeah! Always paranoid about that now) We proceeded with the haircut and were making small talk. As she was blow drying my hair she said "Oh, there's one" I immediately went CRAP! Started the internal freak out of OMG I thought we got rid of them. ZOMG  ZOMG ZOMG. She is being so cool about this, I thought salons had to go on red alert if someone walked in with lice.  Then I was like WAIT A MIN! In our small talk I had asked her if she saw any grey hairs. She had told me no she didn't. Every time I get a haircut I ask because I have yet to see one. So I asked if she mean't a gray hair and she said yes. Ohmygoodnessthankgoodness! LOL
So I now know I have at least one gray hair. Not to bad for being the ripe old age of 36. After my cut I grabbed the polish remover pads, a few clearance lip crayons, and a mini tweezerman. Used my coupon so the lip crayons were free.

Then I was off to the day spa that I had a GC to from my birthday. I used a nail polish remover pad in the parking lot.  They rock! Then proceeded to have a 30 minute deep tissue shoulder massage then a basic pedicure.  

Met a girlfriend for an early sushi dinner. Her birthday was yesterday and we hadn't gotten together in forever. We then hit the mall for sunglasses and hit the mother load at FYE of all places. All of their sunglasses were marked down to $2 each. SCORE!  My girlfriend ended up going home and I hit up Kohl's. I spent like two hours there strolling around and looking for clearance. I originally went to look at clearance purses and I was not dissapointed.  Then I hit Wallyworld for a while and home. Loooooong day!
These two pretty girls now live with me.


  1. Love the purses! Kohls has great clearance stuff, and great coupons.

  2. Love the bags and haircut looks awesome :)


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