Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stay-cation is turning into a Sick-cation

Well the first two days were great.

 I woke up with a sore throat on Monday and it has just progressed on. :(  I had plans on stuff I wanted to get done and instead it is nothing getting done. The only think I have accomplished is washing dishes and washing one load of laundry. That load is still in the dryer though. I do have the washer loaded with a 2nd load but I am not ready to start it yet. I have to make sure I will be committed enough to swap it first. Yeah- stupid I know. LOL  I do have a chicken in the oven but I am not sure if we can eat it or it will be dog food. I cannot smell- Organic whole chicken- two days past the sell by date. It wasn't slimy at all though so I figured I would chance it.

I wanted to wake up early this week and just go, go, go. Instead it has been raining each day and I have slept, slept, slept. I know I could still get up and go while being sick since it appears to be a head cold. However head colds tend to turn into chest things if I am not careful. I have been sitting here thinking that this might not be so bad if I had a marathon of something to watch. I try to watch new things but nothing ropes me in. I have even tried to watch older shows like Charmed and I just lose interest.

Aww man! I just remembered hubby will be home late today so it will just be me and the kiddos.

Karen over at http://www.adiposediet.com/ has broken out her new (to her) body bugg (now gowearfit)

I am tempted to reactivate mine just for the heck of it. She is the little devil in my ear chiming to DO IT, DO IT. I don't know if it will help me out any but I figure it cannot hurt either.

Ohh I just had an idea on something I can do that NEEDS to be done and that will not be to taxing on my sicky self. Off to clean the fridge!


  1. I say sleep some more, you don't want a chest infection! Raining here too... and cool. Rather you than me cleaning fridges... it's a shit job.

    1. LOL I didn't actually wipe the shelves. I just threw out the old food so I could go to the grocery for new. :)


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