Friday, September 27, 2013

Glasses for everyone in my house it seems

The parent teacher conference yesterday wasn't as bad as I feared thankfully. Hubby was able to get off so that we could both go in and talk to her. She told us a story about how B went straight to red that day.

It seems he was working on a project and was almost done when she announced that time was up. My precious little angel shouted out "DAMMIT"  :X    Whoops! She said it was hard not to laugh since he did use it appropriately. LOL

While we were there we asked for an update of his evaluation. We (and her) had done our part by filling out a Conner's Test a few weeks ago. She called to see what was going on because she didn't even know and it turns out that he failed the vision test. They were planning on retesting him next week but they didn't notify her or us. With the school system your child has to pass both a vision and hearing test before they will continue with evaluations (We knew this from when A was tested for gifted but didn't know it worked the same) After the meeting we took the boys to the mall to get his eyes looked at. (Pediatricians office hadn't noticed anything at his May appt. but B can be squirrely when he doesn't want to cooperate)  Turns out it was a great thing to take him as his vision is terrible!  Way worse than A's is even. EKKK!  We had no idea. He shall be sporting some glasses in about three weeks. Once we make sure the prescription is good then I will be ordering many pairs for both children online.

Yes, I said online.

 I have found the magic of Zenni Optical.  Like you, I have seen the ads to order glasses online cheap. I poo-poo'ed the idea in my head though. At one point I got a email about doing a sponsored post for one of the online companies. I deleted it after I read it so I don't even know who it was from. (Every once and a while I get a sponsored post request but they are usually crappy and get deleted)

When I had my mommy day a few weeks ago my girlfriend was raving about Zenni and how the whole office orders from there. Since I had a fresh prescription in my hand I decided to try it. I ordered a $6.95 pair (plus $4.95 tint of purple) and a $15.95 pair (plus $4.95 tint of blue)  It took them 13 days to arrive and I LOVE THEM!  I will fully admit the cheaper pair are kinda flimsy. I would not get this type for the kids. (think reading glasses in frame strength)  For me though they are great. The other pair I got the tint done as dark as possible and use them as custom made sunglasses.  They are wonderful! 

I mean really? two pairs of glasses plus shipping for $37.75. Fantastic! Oh- and because I am super lazy I didn't even pay by credit card because then I would have had to get out of bed.  I used paypal to pay for the glasses. :)

*This is not a sponsored post nor did I receive anything from them- I am just that happy with my order*


  1. I use Zenni Optical ALL THE TIME. SO much cheaper for glasses and who cares if they break!? I think I've got roughly 20 pairs, I have them all over my house, different colours, etc. :)

    1. Good to know someone else is as happy with them as I am. :)

  2. Same here at our house. My daughter tested okay at the peds, only to need glasses in about 1st grade. Glad you all will be able to see clearly now. Hugely important. I love my no-line trifoacals from Costco. Best way for me to see reading, computer and distance clearly.

    Good luck!

  3. I'm SO going to have to check that site out! I don't necessarily NEED new glasses .... but it's never a bad idea to have a backup ;)

  4. I was going to order from Zenni, my only challenge was trying to figure out what size frames to order!


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