Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Please send good thoughts.

Please think good thoughts for my coworker and her son.

On Friday she dropped her son off at daycare (private home- state certified) and went to work. At 11 am she got that phone call none of us ever want. Her son (14 month old) stopped breathing and started seizing. He was taken to local hospital where they found bleeding on the brain. He was sedated and air lifted to Shands. Over the course of the last few days they have discovered more things through the tests. Retinal bleeding being one of them. 

He still hasn't regained use of his right arm. They are still accessing the full damage through testing. He will have quite the road of recovery but thank goodness he is with us to recover.

Bradley (BLT) is his name. He will be 15 months on Wednesday.

Updated:  5:40pm 10/1/13    (Per his mom)

****ATTENTION****Time to go home! B. is being discharged! This is only the beginning if the road. He is currently not using his right arm and his right side is slower than normal. We have optical, neuro, and physical therapy prescriptions and he will be on seizure meds for at least 4 more months. Thank you everyone for your prayers and concerns. Thank you GOD for all that you do. 

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  1. Sending good thoughts their way. Hope the lil guy will be ok. Sounds like they've got a long road to recovery ahead.


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