Tuesday, October 29, 2013

He's home!

I am pretty positive that his wound has an infection (@@) but he is home!!  I am feeling like being home in his own environment will be a million times better for him than that joke of a hospital.

I have had his wound looked at by a friend who is a home healthcare nurse and he said he didn't like the look of it but it wasn't horrible. He showed me how to dress it as the hospital gave no aftercare instructions to anyone. Never mind the fact that he has a open wound that must be packed.

It seems the nurses noticed it was leaking pus and took a culture and requested the DR give antibiotics but he refused!?  What kind of DR refuses a nurses request like that?  This DR is a DOUCHEBAG 100%.  I don't really have time to right out why, but that stereotype god complex would be him. Pus and foul odor- Even I know that is a sign of infection. My mom is staying with him for the week seeing as he will need help. Old style c-section cut (zipper ?) so it will take a little longer to heal than a bikini cut is my understanding.

Even thought he doesn't read my blog a big shout out to nurse D for his help!.


  1. Call his personal doctor immediately, explain the situation, and get him in or antibiotics ordered immediately. Infections like that are nothing to take lightly or a 'wait and see' approach to. They can kill. Quickly.

    Don't mean to scare you, except into action.

    Glad he's out of that hell hole, though!

  2. I'm with Gwen, have another doctor see him right away! I'll be sending good vibes and hope he's on the mend soon.


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