Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have dreams. Some times those dreams are about certain things. They clue me into big event that will be happening in my life.


When I dream about tornados something big is going to happen. I had a dream many weeks ago to what amounts to a tornado going over my house while my family and I were hiding out in a bedroom. It hit hard and fast and then was over. There are a lot more details but that is the gist of it. I have come to realize that all of these things happening around me are probably the tornado in my dream. So many I know have had things happen to them but nothing (other than germy kids) has effected my house directly.


You were waiting for it huh?

I had a dream last week.  This one had THREE tornados in it. I never saw the one in the first dream. It was just green outside and implied. This one I actually saw each one.  I am trying to decipher what happening goes to what tornado. First one I saw was in distance and seemed to be heading straight towards me but I don't know how fast. The from the left field there was another one trying to swoop in. Same thing, I don't know how near or fast or even if it would clash with first one or what. I had my brother's friend with me and we where in a barn or something?  I don't know what it was but it was barn like but had a open side which is how I saw the first two. He was like OMG I am going to the car lets run. I told him no lets stay thinking that they might skip the building and we would be safer than in a car.  He ran out a door to the right while I stayed there. Off to my left there was an open door and BOOM there was a tornado right outside. I could see the bottom of the twisting vortex and feel the suction just start as if it was trying to empty the room. I then woke up and was like OH SHIT because pf this dream.

My brother was re-admitted today.  It's bad. Holy crap- that is really infected bad. Wound care specialist is coming in tomorrow to evaluate him. I have to work and I cannot go up tomorrow night as I will have the kids since hubby has a school thing. No one wanted to listen to us. @@  He is on two heavy duty antibiotics currently.

I am trying to figure out what tornado he is out of the three. The one right there since this wasn't exactly a surprise or the one from left field as we were hoping he was done with hospitals. Time will tell and I will be able to unravel the meaning.  With that I bid you goodnight. I have to work tomorrow and be up in five hours.


  1. I'm sorry he's back in the hospital but glad that it was re-evaluated! Take care.

  2. I'm so sorry about your brother, but I'm glad the situation is being fully addressed now. I wouldn't spend too much time trying to analyze your dream. Try and take good care of your self, emotionally. :: hugs ::

  3. Hope your brother is getting the care at the hospital that he needs.He's been through a lot! And I hope you get the sleep you need... this past few weeks seem to have been super-stressfilled. Sending good thoughts your way.

  4. I had/have re-occuring tornado nightmares. I lived through several as a kid. Hang in there. Hard to see a loved one in the hospital. Be sure to take care of yourself (the right food, some time for yourself) in the process. Hard to do but very important. Hugs!


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