Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rain= pouring in my world


What a week it has been!  The new baby is a new car.

I thought I had a picture on here to share but I do not.  Google image silver 2012 Dodge Avenger with rims and you have what my car looks like.  I sure as heck do not care about the fanceh rims but the car came with them.  Hubby's car is due to be paid off in December and mine was paid in full. We should have waited till January or so but I am dumb and jumped in feet first.

(back story- previous Friday) Our VP of Operations at my job found out her boyfriend had cancer. For the second time. He only has one lung and now there are spots of cancer on it so he starts chemo right away.

(previous Monday) My immediate supervisor's FIL dies. His wife wakes up to him with his eyes open and not breating.

Fast forward a few days

Thursday we did the final walk around and paper signing for the car.  Called my older brother to see if he wanted to see it before I bought it but his tummy was hurting and had been for a two days.

Friday I took my brother cranberry juice at his request as he was still feeling bad.

Saturday my brother was still in immense pain but didn't want to go to the DR.  I finally convinced him to go to the ER and we ended up at quickcare in the hospital. (Was aiming for his lower doc in a box copay rather than ER- For the record just go to the ER.  The copay is the same) He was literally walking like he just had a c-section and was getting out of bed for the first time. (I have had two- I know) They took blood and urine and gave him an IV.  Diagnosed him with gastroenteritis and low potassium and sent him home with bactracin and potassium pills.  I got him all set up and he was starting to feel better and I went home. (1am at this point)

Sunday I talked to him and he said he felt like shit all over. Sunday night he said he threw up the pills and all the cranberry juice from the other day (Do you see where this is heading?)

Monday he finally admits he is throwing up blood. Hubby leaves school to take my brother to ER. ER runs tests and finds out that it is a bowel obstruction. He is admitted and they start on the testing to figure out course of treatment.

Tuesday they want to do a particular thing but he says no (NG tube down throat) Tuesday the VP of Operations (that hired me) quits and they notify us via fax!? I admit there was some McDonalds in my belly that day between that and my brother.

Here we are to today- late Wednesday night. Before I left work I got some news that made me sad. Then I hauled ass to the hospital after work to spend time with my brother. He finally conceded to the NG tube so at least there is a course of action being followed now. .

I want to crawl in a hole and sleep- so goodnight.  I just wanted to give you all somewhat of an update since the longer I put it off the longer it would be to type up and the more I would skip it and the cycle would continue.


  1. Oh hun! I hope your brother improves and I'm glad you got him to the hospital! Congrats on the car and take care.

  2. I hope your brother gets better soon!

  3. That's a crazy few days. You're right, when it rains, it pours. Hopefully things calm down a bit for you. xo

  4. *hugs* If you need me, I am there. Period. Call/text/Message anytime <3

  5. Wow that's a whole lotta stress! Sending good thoughts and I hope your bro gets better soon.

  6. Not good, I hope he comes right.
    What does "I admit there was some McDonalds in my belly" mean???


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