Monday, September 9, 2013

Another mentality shift lightbulb

On Saturday afternoon I met a girlfriend for a early dinner as I mentioned in my last post.

I had eaten nothing up to that point of the day and it was 5:30pm. (I did have a Starbucks iced latte though so I had consumed calories) I was just starting to feel hungry when we were seated. My gf could not understand how I hadn't eaten anything all day. She said she is starving every day about noon and then again at 6 pm. I explained to her that I left the house early and I am not a breakfast eater. I ran around on my day off and never even thought about food because I was occupied. I tried to explain to her about how I used to live to eat and now I try and eat to live.

When we were walking through the mall we were remarking on how good the cinnamon roasted pecans smelled. I had a touch of internal dialogue (Ummm I want... NO, SUGAR!!, you already had some today in the latte. Are you trying to start an avalanche?) Then we walked past the Aunt Annie's pretzel stand. They too smelled divine. I was able to ignore those thoughts a little easier though. We did our browsing at the mall as you know then split up for her to go home and me more shopping.

I went to Kohls and then Walmart. I didn't get home until after 1 am. I was kinda laughing to myself that I needed to email my friend about how it was so late and I hadn't eaten again and that I wasn't hungry. Then I had a moment. One of those "Holy crap how my mentality has changed" moments. I say that as before a typical day for me would have been. Starbucks, sushi, roasted nuts, 2 pretzels (one salt with cheese and one almond with glaze) eaten spaced apart but during the same day, possibly another starbucks, then I would have gotten a Sonic meal deal for dinner at 11:30 pm.  Not because I was hungry-  just because it tastes yummy.  (o.O)  No wonder I was pushing 250 pounds!  I never let myself get hungry.  I just ate and ate and ate.  Talk about an eye opener.

Disclaimer: Since I am low carbing I eat when I am hungry not just because the clock says I should.

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