Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another day gone

Worked a normal 10 hour shift today. I was pretty slow for the first half but then it picked up. Eating -while not the cleanest choices, 100% on my plan. (Remember I do my own low carb ish type plan) When I work it, my plan works for me. I suppose that could be said about any plan though. :] 

I had stressful dreams last night so I just popped a melatonin for tonight. Work related dreams are a sign of stress for me. I kept dreaming I was supposed to be at a store 3 hours north of me to open at 9am. The clock kept on ticking and I wasn't leaving for whatever reason. Not the exact happenings of the dream but that is the storyline.

I finished a new conners test for B tonight. It seems the one the teacher and I did before was for a 6 yr old not 5. I was supposed to do an update for something else and order a new cell for my BIL also tonight. Maybe tomorrow on those things as it is after 11pm.

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  1. Yuck stress-work dreams :( Hope the melatonin helps and you dream of sexy firemen or something equally pleasant!


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