Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stuffed pepper chili?

I almost wish I had waited till today to do an official WI.

As of this morning I am down 5.2 of that 9 that I gained over the last two months.
 I am thinking it is the increase in non sugar filled liquid in my life. I had gotten a little to reliant on McD's sweet tea. It also probably helps that a certain visitor is on it's way out. :)

I have been making myself cold mint tea to drink. I use 1 bag of mint medley and 4 regular bags to make 2 quarts. I nuke a glass bowl of water for 5 minutes then steep the bags about five minutes in the hot water. Then I mix it with cold water/splenda and put in the fridge.  I am currently experimenting on the amounts of splenda I use. Making it with less and less to see where is a tolerable level for me.

I had recently started to wear my fit bit zip again. I went to check my step count earlier though and it was dead. Poo! It did warn me Sunday by email but I forgot about it.

Dinner was super yummy! I am sure many of you could do the same thing with changes to make it fit into your meal plan if you wanted. I sauteed up a pound of ground turkey with two sliced yellow onion. Added soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and A-1 to the meat mix. Then I sliced the top off four green bell peppers and seeded them. Then I added leftover rice to the bottom of hubby's two with some rooster sauce for spice. Filled his and mine all the way up with the meat/onion mix. Topped with a can of spaghetti sauce and baked for an hour. (I like Hunts) His was moist while mine was a little more watery since I didn't have the rice to absorb the juice. Once I sliced it all up it was more like a chili to me.

Very flavorful and I am looking forward to my remaining pepper for lunch tomorrow.


  1. Rooster sauce! What is rooster sauce? Sauce made from a rooster? OMGosh, that makes me laugh. Well done on the loss too Chick.

  2. Great that you are getting back on track! That dinner sounds great - I'm thinking I may steal that idea!

  3. Down 5! Hey that is great. Had to Google "Rooster Sauce" I just call it chili-garlic sauce LOL


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