Saturday, December 28, 2013

So yeah umm

I really need to update my ticker, not in a positive way either. :(  I may just be a pouty little girl though and ignore that for now.  It is what it is, and I cannot turn back time. I ate, I pay. Period.

I did get some Christmas money but that isn't why I was asking about the $100. I buy scratch off lotto tickets when the mood strikes. Seems like it was a good thing I listened the other night as I turned $2 into $100. Well really $96 as I did by two of the $2 tickets but one was a loser. I used it at the grocery to stock up on LC foods. I have been really slacking in the LC department for what amounts to months now. I have had some spurts of being good but they didn't last. Time to pull the boot straps up though and avoid the sugar monster inside of me.

I received some cool goodies for Christmas and I hope you did too! I cannot show pictures of what my mom got me as they all have our last name on them. Well I could, I just don't want to. One is a trinket box though and it has me tempted to start a trinket box collection. (I have always called them pill boxes but it seems they are trinket boxes) I love tiny things and they could sit on a shelf and look lovely so I just might. :)
I now have more necklaces than I know what to do with as well. LOL  I bought some cheap jewelry from China on Amazon a few months ago. Well it seems hubby and the kids did the same thing from another website for me for Christmas. I now have several swan necklaces in many shades. LOL  Also GF from my brother to use on glasses for the boys and a little extra for me. He used a cool website and had a picture put on the prepaid GC's. He used the picture I posed a few weeks ago of me hugging the boys on either side of me. Hubby's had a picture from when we went to Juniper Springs in July of him and the boys.  

Hubby is out on his 10 mile run currently. When he gets home and showers I expect we may do some errands around town. He is training for a 50K in March currently.


  1. The sugar monsters can be horrible huh. I've had a massive fight with mine recently, and I'm not 15 days in without sugar. It's rough!

    You can do it!!

  2. Abstaining from sugar, sugar substitutes, and grain have been my best tools for good overall health. There is no moderation for me of those foods. The day I gave them up is the day I started to get well.

    Good luck and I'm glad you are being honest on your blog. I end up unfollowing lots of bloggers who do not post current photos, who are not honest, and who are not working purposely on their goals- all while posting photos of "light" cookies, "indulgences" and then intermittently letting out a whine about their weiar

    Owning it s the BEST thing you can do- I applaud you to start where you are. I get it, I used to be them. Loss of focus on the goal and lack of clarity from the sugre and be honest and clear. I want to read non-fiction, so Kudos. Onward!

  3. that should read "whine about their weight" Cat keeps walking across the key board!!!

  4. I agree with Karen, grains and sugar (I don't do the fake sugar stuff) are huge enablers to weight ... I've been trying to avoid grains for a while now just to try and alleviate some of the inflammation in my joints ... it works but it's damn hard to avoid grains in a day to day modern day environment. I'm thinking, luckily, I may be bringing Hubby around to it ... only because our good friend, who is also a retired pharmaceutical guy (he put formulas together) is now paying attention to the "Grain Brain" theory and other things ... fingers crossed, it will be so much easier if we both eat the same way! Happy New Year!


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