Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My day off and while it started OK I am ending it with a case of the grumpies!

I am annoyed with my family- I am annoyed with myself. I am just all about annoyed! The boys are going to bed in a few minutes (an hour early) just because I am tired of the constant fighting between them. Yes- it is normal, but, today I had one poop in his pants and the other pee in his pants. All within minutes of each other and I am at my rope end.

I am frustrated with myself over banana bread. I make buffalo chicken dip and 2 loaves of banana bread. Talk about competing aromas in the house! I had a whole bunch of over ripe bananas to use so I just took a recipe I found and ran with it. Basically I just left out the oil/butter and added more banana. It is very dense and not like traditional naner bread but it is still very yummy. Wait? I remember I am watching my carbs/sugar right? Hence the frustration with myself!!! I have had at least 2 slices a day since Sunday. Thankfully it isn't effecting my weight YET. I have put a stop to it as of tonight and ordered DH to either eat the rest tonight or feed it to the dogs. That was my original plan if it turned out like crap. LOL

I am just plain grumpy!

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  1. Wow ... I came because I was getting annoyed with YOU for 0 blog activity since changing urls ... and now I'm annoyed with blogger or whomever for not getting the feeding aspect right. Bah. Now I'll just have to stalk you to make sure you're still here.


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