Thursday, February 23, 2012

It only took 3.5 hours...

Our nine year wedding anniversary is riiight around the corner. OK, OK 3 months

We had been playing with ideas on what we each wanted.  He has been trying to shop ebay for an inexpensive new garmin 305 or higher. I haven't really thought about anything because I got the stuff I wanted for Valentine's Day (I haven't shared what yet so you haven't missed it)  On Fat Tuesday we met my brother in town and went out for pancakes.  Then my brother wanted some more duct tape as he is a amazon seller who is experimenting with new things to sell. ( My lil sis and her fiancee were up for the weekend and she picked up all of my duct tape and made him a bunch of duct tape roses to sell.  She ended up "borrowing" grr and taking home my duct tape so he couldn't experiment with mine.)  At one point we lost my brother in the store so we stayed near the back of the store.  We finally found him and we all went and looked at the treadmills.  One was all set up off to the side on a huge metal shelf so I figured it was on clearance.  Turns out it was and there were a few boxes underneath it and they had prices.  Normally $749 marked down to $595. It goes up to 12 mph and hubbers can use for his speed work as our current only does 10 mph.  I tried to google reviews on it at the store but I wanted to see the treadmill in person.  The way it was set up in the store you couldn't get to it.

We ran off to Dick's, Sports Authority and Sears.  No one had this same treadmill in stock for us to look and try.  We ended up coming home and doing our research. had it for over $677.09  Amazon $805.02 Turns out it is a discontinued model which makes perfect sense with the clearance. has them on special for $1299.00  YIKES  

 We were able to see pictures and read reviews on it.  Proform 850 t  So we decided to make this our anniversary present and I went back up to Walmart at 10:30pm to grab it.  Hubby stayed home as obviously the boys were asleep at that time of night.  I got home at about midnight (I did some shopping first) and we got it into the house.  Two people and about 3.5 hours later we had it all set up.  :)  While it sucked that we both only got 4 hours of sleep it was best to do without the boys around.  Our living room looks like a gym right about now though.  LOL  Two treadmills and a recumbent bike.

Here is the console if you don't like to click links.

It has iFIT technology but we are so not paying for that.  It also has a fan that hits hubby perfectly.  It barely skims the top of my head though. It is soooooo quiet which is exactly what I hoped that it would be!  If I ever want to get on in the morning I won't be so worried about waking up B.


  1. Love new fitness equipment. Congrats on the new purchase. We bought our treadmill last spring and I am amazed at all the miles I have put on mine.


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