Thursday, February 2, 2012

The dress- for REALZ LOL

Ok well yeahhh the bridesmaid dress has been modified yet again. The site that the last one was from didn't want to take info and then when it finally did it trigged a fraud alert on one gal's account.

I took a last minute thrown together trip to Brandon yesterday and we went to Clearwater to try on the backup dress. The MOH (Maid of Honor) was able to go with us so that helped bunches! She is pretty much the same size as the others and then myself the largest we were able to get an idea of what would work. After trying on 6-7 dresses we ended up with a completely different dress from the back up dress though. However the real dress is now ordered and PAID for both myself and the MOH. THIS IS THE FINAL SELECTION! :)

I am not looking forward to the alterations though. UGH! Hems start at $30 there. ICK! I did order a matching shawl so at least the bat wings will be covered up some. The dresses are special order though and are not due to arrive till 4/28 or so. That will be cutting it close but at least they are ordered now. The price pointed ended up being a bit much for some and she has lost a few girls though. At least we were able to get $20.00 off since my sisters dress came from David's Bridal. Without further ado here is the dress

I wanted to put a picture up but with the way David's site is I guess I just have to do the link. It will be in the light blue color- capri.

Two hour drive at 3 in the afternoon and then a two hour drive at 1am is kind LONG. Oye! I am glad I don't need to do it often. I felt like I was scanning the Tampa stations non stop and I cannot believe I couldn't find better music. Belting out music while your driving is a great way to keep yourself awake. I did end up grabbing a bottled starbucks frap. (and back up starbucks double shot) before I started the drive home just in case. I sipped on it the whole drive home. Holy vanilla/sugar! WOW! I have been avoiding sugar for so long that was just BAM! LOL But I figured it was better to go with some sugar on something I know how a react to than to try a SF energy drink. Of COURSE like 2 blocks after the Walgreens there was a McDonalds that was still open. They have SF iced coffee. Oh well- What can ya do?

* I never elaborated on the toilet paper all gone. Usually I am 100% on top of that as that isn't something you want to run out of. However the last few times I was in potty and needed paper (it is stored in linen closet in hall) I asked B to bring it to me. The last time time when he brought it he told me there were three more. I believed him like a big dummy. I should have known better LOL

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