Thursday, March 1, 2012

My planned Publix trip with coupons 3/1/12

I did accomplish what I set out to do on Tuesday.  I got a load of laundry kinda sorta done.  Then realized I needed to call the repairman :(   I never mentioned that our washer died the first week of February. We got a new (used) one on Valentine's Day.  It was delivered the next day and they look away my old one and my dead standing freezer. (sniff,sniff I miss that thing) The first two loads or so were fine.  Then it started acting wonky hubbers told me.  The clothing was still soppy wet after the cycle was done.  I finally had it happen to me on Tuesday.  As I told them- It washes and drains but doesn't appear to spin out the water.  The clothing is at the bottom wet- not climbing the sides damp.  I ran the cycle about an hour ago and really payed attention to it.  It did do the spin in the middle of the cycle but as I suspected no spin and the end.  Still have a two hour window of waiting.  I am thankful that they didn't come at 9am though.  I had those rank towels from Tuesday that had to be washed.  Hahah (It is under 60 day warranty thankfully)

When hubby gets home from school we need to go to the dump! Then I am not sure what we will be doing.  It has been really damp and rainy on my days off in my part of Florida.  I might wait till 2pm for the dump so we can hit Sonic happy hour.  LOL

My coworker and I went to Sweetbay the other night and found a great deal on ground chicken.  My freezer is stuffed though so I only got 2 packs.  She got like 10 packs of the ground chicken. (Sell by date closeout special) I pulled one of them out today to thaw for chili tonight.  I actually prefer ground chicken/turkey over ground beef now a days.

Which one do you prefer?

Speaking of deals have you printed your coupons for the Publix Sales this week?  I only printed the 5 main ones I was interested in.  At Publix you can use TWO coupons on BOGO items. So after the coupons the items will be really inexpensive.  I am going to let you know which ones I printed so you can too if you want.
(Cough, cough- this is for you mom!)

Above will take you to the web site I use for my coupon match ups.  She writes all the coupons you can use and the Sunday that they were in the paper.  She also links up any printable coupons that you can print to use. Below are the printed coupons that I am going to use with the BOGO sales this week.  PRINT THEM NOW even though the sale is good till next week.  The coupons only take so many prints before they are exhausted.

  • I printed the Athenos Feta cheese coupon- It is a facebook coupon and you can print one.  I had hubby go follow the link  and it allowed him to print one too so I have two of them.   BOGO use two coupons will be $2.99 for TWO items
  • Nabisco Ritz crackers.  I used the first link I believe it was.  I was able to print off the second one  but it expired yesterday so don't waste your ink. BOGO use one coupon will be $2.89 for two (coupon is for $1 off TWO so only one coupon here)
  • Shedd's Spread Country Crock  (open tab in separate window- when done printing close window and do it a second time)   BOGO use two coupons will be .49 for TWO items
  • Mr's Pauls Fish (open tab in separate window- when done printing close window and do it a second time)  BOGO use two coupons will be $3.99 for TWO items
  • Birds Eye Viola! meals (open tab in separate window- when done printing close window and do it a second time) BOGO use two coupons will be $1.43 for TWO items

Normal price for all of this would be  $44.06 with no sales.  With sales and coupons I will pay $11.79

Worth your time to go print these real quick?  I say YES!!!!!

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