Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring forward leaves me tired

I sprung forward out of bed and I feel like I have just kept going all day.  I actually got a report done at work I have been putting off for a while. Yeah!

I even had great plans to get on the treadmill tonight.  Making a playlist of 30 minutes took for*friggen*ever!  I thought it would be a simple process but I was trying not to spend a fortune on tunes.  After THREE HOURS I finally said screw it and just paid the $1.29 per song I wanted.

Now I am working on a little project so off to bed I go with the tablet to try and hammer the details out.  Hope you had a great spring forward day.  Tomorrow is going to be extra long I fear.  My normal 10 hours will feel like 11.  Booo!


B-Cottage cheese

L-1 turkey/pepper jack wrap with pickles

D-1  whole wheat cracker
    2 cheese pringles
    2 slices of ham lunchmeat (I was making the kids dinner and I was starving!! lol)
    a home made taco salad just like Friday nights. Yummmy!  Lots of fresh veggies in there.
    1 reeses klondike- I blame hubby he got it and brought it to me. :X


  1. I would be so hungry if I were you!

  2. Sundays are a weird day for me. Normal work days at 10 hours and Sundays are 6 hours. I am bad and usually don't eat during those 6 hours so the one wrap I had was better than I normally do. Now the 10 hours days I eat a plenty. LOL

  3. giggle...obviously Hubby saw something that YOU didn't when he brought that klondike bar to you :)

  4. So .... are you going to share the playlist or not???


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