Thursday, March 8, 2012

Buckling down- Day 1

That silly dress arriving had me in a frazzle today.

 Hubby was super confused as to why I was upset.  He didn't see how yesterday (dress not a thought in my mind) to today (dress here) was any different.  I tried to explain to him over and over but he just wasn't listening.  Finally I went a little psycho on him yelling at him that he will never be fat and never know the feeling of not being able to fit into clothing. That before it wasn't a thought in my head and now it is here smack in my face.  I don't want to look like a fat hippo squeezed into a light blue tube.

So today starts my **Oh FUDGE** (Think A Christmas Story) this is here. now. freak out.

I worked for 3.5 hours then hit the grocery store for BOGO items.  Then I popped some chicken in the oven for hubbers and I got on the treadmill.  1 mile later (30 minutes) I got off and got to work on my dinner. My dinner was the same as my lunch but a variation of it.

I was able to score a bunch of these for really cheap with BOGO and $1 off coupons.  They will make cheap and healthy lunches and or dinners for me.

Todays eats:

2 ham/swiss wraps with half a tomato inside
1 diet cherry coke

1 atkins strawberry shake before I left work for the grocery store

1 pack of the new Emerald Breakfast on the go before my walk.
2 turkey/pepper jack wraps with a sprinkle of feta and some sweet peppers
   with a side of sweet peppers, strawberries, and pineapple/cottage cheese.
3- 20oz cups of flavored water (crystal light packets)

All in all I would say that today is a successful day. I would like to have seen some more movement but that will come. Now to go to bed and get some sleepies in.   :)

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