Tuesday, March 13, 2012

C25K day 1 - Completed

I did it!  Whoo hooo!

I completed day 1 of C25K

That was why I was trying to make a playlist Sunday night.  I wanted to do it on Sunday but as you know it took three hours to get that playlist done.  Whoops!

Afterwards I was one hungry, hungry hippo but wasn't sure what my tummy would tolerate.  I remembered I still had some Atkins protein shakes so that is what I had.  Dinner is in the oven now.  I am sorta scared of it to be honest. LOL It is loosely based on  this recipe  with many extras added in.  For one I subbed out cream of broccoli for one can of the cream of mushroom. I also added left over peas and a bag of broccoli salad that I was worried about eating straight up as it had gotten partially frozen in the fridge. I used leftover chicken sliced thin for the meat. I just took it out and stirred it and added some bacon bits and more cheese on top. I have to attempt to dress it up for the hubby to eat it.

Update:  It was really yummy!  Of course with the amount of cheese it better have been good.

NOTE: I am not committing to the C25K plan.  I just used it for inspiration today.


  1. Congrats on your first day done of C25K. Today will mark my first week done of the learn to run clinic at the Running Room. Excellent program if you ever want to commit to running. Good luck:)

  2. awesome. I just posted a link to the C25K on my facebook page to see if anybody wanted to do this with me. Thanks for the inspiration.


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