Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sometimes I wish I had more readers.

Sometimes I wish I had more comments.

Then I bounce around and read blogs and I am grateful that I don't attract attention.  Several people I read have been given much attention lately.  One has even gone private recently. (Pssst... Please email me your info so I can continue to read your blog)  

Maybe it is better to just exist quiet in the corner.     :/

My eating has been light today.  Last night we went out to dinner with my lil sister and her fiancee who were in town again.  On the way home hubbers and I got into a  thing that I still cannot figure out.  We both are normally people that get over things in like an hour or two.  I. am. not. over. it.   I am still really annoyed and I am not sure when I will not be. On the bright side it has me pissed and not hurt so no reaching for food. (Emotional eater here)

Food is light today as I just wasn't feeling it as I said.

B-Slim fast creamy chocolate.
L-picked at leftover stir fry broccoli
S- Cliff bar power granola- white chocolate macadamia
D- Baked salmon, mixed veggies, 1/2 servind Lipton noodles.

S- frozen strawberries with coconut milk and splenda.  YUM  I think this is my new favorite dessert type thing. Healthy with fruit servings and cold.


  1. Hi :) New reader here and I like to give and recieve comments :) :)

    Sorry you and the hubs had a thing, but it's awesome that you did not go to food for comfort!

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  2. Hi Jenn! Welcome! Check your CVS! I found size 6 Pampers on clearance for $5.99 a pack of 60!!!

    1. DAMN! I wish I had checked back earlier!! I just went to Shop Rite and spent too much money on Pull - Ups. :(

  3. Hi - I started reading your blog a week or two ago - and I will admit, I am generally a lurker - but seeing as you mentioned the whole comment thing and I don't get very many comments either, I thought maybe it might be nice to say hello :)

    I just started Weight Watchers today, so my blog will be turning more towards healthful eating, exercise, etc - and also my random ramblings!

    Have a great week,



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