Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is a request of the trying to learn to work out system.

  • If you yourself are a new runner (or run/walker) or want to start running in baby steps please share your blog with me so that I may be inspired.  
  • If you are hard core on the ball right now and kicking ass then please share your blog with me.  
  • If you know someone who's blog will help motivate me please share the blog with me. 

 I did a crap ton of movement for me yesterday and my right heel was really hurting today. I planned on today being a rest day but I still wanted to get some simple walking in. I met hubby in town after his classes for lunch.  I planned on giving him the 3 yr old to take home and go to Target to walk around for a while without a kid. Maaaybe check out if they had some clearance workout pants. By the time we got out of the place hubby needed to get home and get A off the bus ASAP.  As soon as I pulled out and saw the traffic I knew hubby wouldn't make it (he had to go drop a former coworker of his back off at work that we had lunch with) so I hauled butt home.  I got to our road just as the bus turned the corner to drive down a connecting road.  SHHEEWWW!  

He can walk home on his own but at 6 I really don't want him to.  (Especially since he did yesterday because SOMEBODY fell asleep on the couch and had the 3yr old running wild and slept through the bus drop off time @@)  Shall I post a picture of the 3 colors of lipstick currently decorating my bathroom wall?  UGH!

Hubby then reminded me that he had to go back to school tonight to watch a movie for extra credit.  Well POOP! By the time I would have gotten back up to town I would have felt super rushed and that would have just been crappy. So instead I resorted to a nap (Hah, how is that for opposite!) till I had to deal with my demon spawn alone. 

It is late and I do work in the morning.  Goodnight!

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  1. I just wanted to say I am no expert on running. It sometimes seems to be too hard on my joints etc. I am really enjoying my elliptical as it doesn't hurt like running. Anyways, I just found your blog and followed.


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