Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I need a fire

under my ass!!

I have been playing slacker the last 2.5 days and I MUST stop it!!!  If I do not I will landslide back into gaining.  I also really need a reliable scale because this crap ass piece of junk is about to be returned to my brother.  If I can weigh myself 6 times in a 10 min. period with me changing nothing (no eat/drink/potty) then I should not get 5 different weights.  UGH!   I guess I will have to resort to Amazon to get an accurate one.

I have today and tomorrow off so I hope to refine my game plan and get it back in action.

What helps get you back on track when you have been veering off the weight loss road?


  1. I have not had a major veer yet.. but when I have felt tired, I just get my ass onto a treadmill and work. The kick I get from finishing a good workout, cooling down, showing and getting into comfy clothes is amazing. I love it..

  2. Have you tried switching out the battery in the scale? Last time mine got all funkadoodle that ended up being all it was. The battery wasn't dead-dead but just dead-enough.

    Oh. And I once again have a non-lunch-related blog at momsmuddledmind.blogspot.com

    Go ahead and shoot me now :)

  3. Definitely time for a new scale girl. If it means getting a slightly more expensive one, then so be it. It's a good investment, you know. :-)

  4. Yup, time for a new scale.

    And when I'm feeling like I wanna quit or just not motivated, I visualize the alternative...staying out of shape, not feeling good, not looking good. I picture running races and imagine myself 'in the zone.' I stilly have my moments, but they are fleeting. Visualizing where I've been and where I want to go usually helps though. Get it goin, girl!


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